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Sean Clark
Sean Clark (right), Owner
Good Hope Retreat
is a well-loved artist's retreat - formerly private - now open to the public in the mountains of Westmoreland, Jamaica.
Sunset viewed from cabin at Good Hope Retreat
One of the many beautiful Sunsets viewed from
Good Hope Retreat
Bedroom with 360 degree view of Jamaica
Bedroom with
360 degree view
of Jamaica
Map of Jamaica and Good Hope Retreat
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Weather of Jamaica

Since Good Hope Retreat is located 2000 feet above sea level, the Flowers of Jamaicaproperty has warmly moderate daytimes and cool comfortable evenings. Winter is essentially the Dry season, with summer being the Rainy season (specifically, May and October have the most rain).

The summer rain consists of mainly late-afternoon showers, which clear by early-evening, enabling one of the most spectacular sunsets observable over the warm Caribbean Sea.

The daytime temperature for the winter months averages 27° C (82° F), with night temperatures falling to 19° C (66° F).
Summer daytime temperatures average 29° C (86° F), lowering to 21° C (70° F) in the night.

Most days are blessed with gentle, sweet-smelling Caribbean breezes throughout the day.

Clouds moving in
Clouds moving in
  For information and reservations:
contact Sean Clark at, or call (876) 391-3775 or (876) 855-8963.
If no one answers, we are working on the gardens or at the beach.
Leave a voicemail message. Your call will soon be returned.